Public libraries that subscribe to KnowBC

In-Library Access

KnowBC is accessible to library users from computer stations at the libraries listed below. You must be at a library computer station to access KnowBC unless your library has "Home access" written next to it. When using your library's computer, go to and you will be automatically logged in. Or search for the Encyclopedia of BC or KnowBC on your library’s website, usually under a heading such as Electronic Resources, e-Resources, Online Resources, or Databases.

Home Access

A number of libraries provide users with access to KnowBC from home. If your library has the words "Home access" next to it in the list below, you can access KnowBC from your home computer. Click on your library's name and follow the instructions to access KnowBC.

If you are having trouble logging in to KnowBC or you do not know your library bar code number or PIN, please contact the librarian at your branch.


This page was last updated on April 6, 2017.